tiki tiki


I’m reading Tiki Modern by Sven A. Kirsten at the moment.

It’s all about Tiki, the South Seas style that swept the US and UK in the 40s and 50s. There’s a spot-on description of the fascination with primitive culture that led to a love of wood carvings, hula girls and mai-tais, along with a history of the Tiki head and how it started to turn up everywhere from commercial art to bar decor.

On top of that, all the way through there’s lovely examples of modernist architecture and graphics with a twist of Tiki. The origins of A-frame archways and the charm of leopard skin are brought to life nicely, and there’s a big bit about Witco – the furniture company that sold the dream.

Amazing if you like graphics or just want to look at loads of cocktail menus, wood carvings and retro bars. Chef’s Kiss!

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