giving up giving up

hooked on colette

Ah Colette, I’ve loved the Paris store’s music selections since their ‘With Love from’ compilation which featured the sorrowful ‘Past Present & Future’ by The Shangri-Las. The only trouble was having to order from France – not anymore though – now they’re on iTunes. I downloaded ‘Hooked on Colette’ for holidays and it is a thing.

It opens with Karl Lagerfeld talking over ‘Rondo Parisiano’ by Something A La Mode, which develops into a swirling orchestral piece that should really finish with the shriek of Betty falling over in the Mode offices. After, is the oddly fantastic ‘Shoes’ by Tiga – (‘I don’t like my hair neat’) – soon followed by the buzzing bleeping social message of ‘Welcome 2 Brownsville’ by The Fly Girlz – also featuring both hand claps and gun shot sounds – my kind of song. Later ‘Extraterrestre’ by Arielle Dombasle & Katerine, is a delirious Gallic disco / rock opera hybrid highlight with shrieks and sung laughter in equal measure.

Another gem is The Field’s cover of ‘Everyone’s Got To Learn Sometime’ – a hypnotic sweeping soundscape that builds from the familiar into something new and shimmery. The following ‘Lully’s “Turquerie” as interpeted by…’ (long title) by Murcof sounds both piratey (parrot kind) and Aboriginal at the same time – unique.

All in all, it’s a trove, with even a spot of classical at the end. Great cover art too. Chef’s Kiss!

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