playing house

Last night Chef and Sue went to Barons Court Theatre for the opening of A Doll’s House by Myriad Productions. In an intimate setting, Henrik Ibsen’s classic tale of morality, standing and debt was brought to life in a likeable and enjoyable way.

Nora (Joanna O’Connor) plays the indulgent, plucky ‘skylark’ to her husband Torvald (James Kingdon), who is all superior and flush with success at becoming a bank manager. All is well, until Christine (Claire Dixon), an old friend of Nora’s, shows up and takes Krogstad’s (Duncan Malcolm) job at the bank. As Nora owes Krogstad money, he asks her to get Torvald to keep him on, and the stage is set for blackmail, deception and despair.

Innovative in its feminist and individual viewpoint, Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is directed by James Baker, and builds to a triumphant finale full of freedom and truth. Joanna O’Connor delivers Nora’s anxiety, scheming and emancipation masterfully, and James Kingdon is both terrifying and broken as Torvald. The zany dance scene adds to the overall train-going-off-the-tracks feel. Playing up to 6 December then moving to Ingatestone Hall – it’s well worth a watch. Chef’s Kiss!

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