Oxo Tower

Oxo Tower restaurant

Waiting to head to Mr Wing for dinner tonight, I just thought of when me and Sue went to Oxo for dinner. A couple of weeks ago we booked into the restaurant and imagined dining in the middle of the red neon ‘O’. We weren’t quite that high up, but sitting in club chairs and bathed in blue light, the view out to St Pauls and the city was perfect.

After a good glass of wine our starters arrived. Sue had sea bass, light and lovely, and I had some delicious truffle beignets with a salad of shavings and a beautiful olive oil. Then for mains, Sue had filet of beef with some tremendous spinach, while I enjoyed beetroot terrine with a light samosa – all spot on. After that we hit the cheese board – I remember an excellent nutty cheese and also a blue cheese that nearly made me run away – and then a coffee was in order to round it all off. Sated, we hit the terrace to admire the tower and the river, before the cold sent us in. I imagine that eating out there in Summer would be nothing short of spectacular. Now time to go to Brompton Road for Chinese. Chef’s Kiss!

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