beats and bleeps

The other week I heard the mesmeric ‘I Need Love’ by Hot Toddy on Viva Radio and decided to buy it on iTunes, where I found out it’s the opening track of the second Cosmic Balearic Beats album. Having liked the first CBB I ordered the CD straight away (Chef still prefers them) then waited patiently.

Starting with dark and moody Hot Toddy, Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol.2 builds up slowly to the classic dance piano of Slight Delay’s ‘Can You Feel It’ before leading on to the amazing guitar workout that is ‘Salomon’s Take’ by Marbeya Sound – dark streets and espadrilles come to mind. After that there’s the sultry spare disco of Premier Rang’s ‘Zoe Et Heine’ complete with French dialogue, followed by the spectral ‘Ice Castle’ by The Beat Broker.

Later, The Outrunners’ ‘These Girls are Dressed To Kill’ bleeps with a driving beat, followed by the mysterious and beguiling ‘My Time’ by Dance Disorder. The album is on Eskimo Recordings and features beautiful artwork by Benbo George (have a look at his amazing portfolio on his site). If you like to shuffle, CBB Vol2 also comes with an unmixed MP3 disc. A brooding collection. Chef’s Kiss!

2 thoughts on “beats and bleeps

  1. word up.

    yom Tom – i likee the sound of thse beats & bleeps = are you a dropbox partaker? – if so, reckon you could upload the mp3s for moi?

    tried to download it but nowhere has it available 😦

    nw if not,

    james x

    1. Chef laughs in the face of dropboxes – when I see you I’ll bring it with me and you can borrow it – 90s revival. T

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