Roman holiday

Roma illustrated word by Chef

Not long ago Chef said arrivederci London and ciao Roma for a little break with Sue. In such an amazing city it’s difficult to pick the highlights but here goes.

Day One, after a morning flight we headed to the Spanish Steps which looked beautiful with fuschia blooms covering them at all levels. Once we’d strolled around to see where things were, we headed to the Stravinskij Bar at Hotel de Russie for champagne – all served with an amazing selection of olives, mozzarella, nuts and more.

On our second day, we braved the rain and headed to the Pantheon to see the drops cascade in through the open roof – it’s a magical place – before sitting out on Piazza Navona for a lovely lunch of salad and fiery pasta. That evening Trastevere called and we headed over for our first Roman pizzas at Al Fienaroli – where I had lovely raw tomato, mozzarella and basil on a crisp cooked base – delicious. Later we enjoyed wine on the buzzing Piazza S. Maria at Caffe di Marzio.

Pantheon in Rome

Day three saw us wandering ancient Rome where we looked out over the city and then relaxed on the grass, watching Socialists march past the magnificent Colosseum. After a lot of walking we went to the spa in our hotel, the St Regis Grand, and when we returned to our room found we’d been given some Italian cheese and a bottle of Chianti – a nice touch. That night we dined out at Numbs in the bustling streets near the Spanish Steps while musicians played ‘That’s Amore’ on their accordions.

Trevi fountain in Rome

The next day we went to the Vatican and all the way up to the top of the St Peter’s Basilica for a view (rather timid on Chef’s part) of Rome. On the way back we went to Campo de Fiori and came across Obika, a mozzarella bar where we tried a creamy gloopy type of the cheese – unusual and moreish. Later in the evening we went to see the Trevi Fountain all lit up  – it’s breathtaking – before heading back to Piazza Campo de Fiori for dinner and drinks at Mercato – a great place to sit outside and people-watch into the night.

On our final day, after checking out, we just had time for a bit of shopping and found a lovely art shop – Giovanni B. Panatta – where we got some fantastic bird prints – printed in Roma of course. All in all, a lovely city – we’d be back in a shot. Chef’s Kiss!

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