new and boatworthy

The other day I was looking for ‘Belong’ by Washed Out, and found it on Kitsuné Maison 9: Petit Bateau Edition. Spurred on, I previewed a few tracks, downloaded the compilation and discovered that, in keeping with the dreamlike reggae of ‘Belong’, the Petit Bateau (‘little boat’ clothing label) Edition is a shimmery selection of pop gems for Spring.

Standout is ‘Cooler Couleur’ by Crookers feat Yelle – defiantly continental with cricket sounds that have you reaching to answer your iPhone, and masonry tapping beats that build up to an electronic hypnosis. ‘Stop and Stare’ by Fenech-Soler is a euphoric workout for Summer nights before The Twelves mix of Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Something Good Can Work’ channels Odyssey with a looping guitar over beats, bleeps and wooohs.

Later, ‘Say my Name’ by Holy Ghost has piano chords soaring over a picked disco beat, leading on to Arthur Baker’s classic mix of ‘Wonderful Life’ by Hurts, brimming with crashing beats, synthy breakdowns and yearning vocals. Gypsy & The Cat’s ‘Time to Wander’ (Joan of Arc mix) takes the compilation into a downbeat interlude with an 80s film feel, before one last driving electronic workout from Monarchy on ‘The Phoenix Alive’ (Octans edit) brings the album to an end.

The sleeve notes feature some great grown up knot print t-shirts by Petit Bateau – which surprised Chef as he thought it was a children’s shop – along with Kitsuné’s classic hand drawn faces on the cover. A pleasure. Chef’s Kiss!

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