blue bike brigade

Barclays Bike

Last weekend Chef had a rare moment of organisation and registered for the Barclay bikes. After getting the little keys mid week, Friday evening proved the first opportunity for us to give them a go.

After a couple of drinks in Skylon at Waterloo, we needed to get over to Bermondsey Street, so took to the sturdy bikes and set out. There’s a handy cord for securing your stuff and as it goes, the bikes aren’t too heavy. After a pleasant ride along the back roads of the South Bank we parked up rather proud of ourselves and, buoyed on by our first journey, took to the streets again to cycle home – serenaded by encouragement from passersby.

Up in Hyde Park yesterday – a dream with its cycle lanes – we rode about again and began to realise that other BarclayBikers greet each other with a trill of the bell. Stopping near the bridge over the Serpentine we headed to Lido for lunch and felt terribly London. It seems that so far walkers and drivers are looking benevolently on the blue bike brigade, and there seems to be a camaraderie amongst the amateur cyclists. All in all a great scheme – and pleasingly one that finally provides a sound case for the need to wear peg trousers or slim jeans – very chic. Today we’re off to Chelsea – Chef’s Kiss!

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