222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant

After a blast of summer rain one evening we walked down the road to 222, a veggie and vegan restaurant in West Kensington, where we were treated to a view of a rainbow from our seats.

Sipping on the refreshing organic house white – there’s just one red and one white on the list – we started with delicious baked herby mushrooms to dip in vegan cream, along with some artichokes and roasted tomatoes.

Then for mains, Sue had Ben’s Special – spiced marinated tofu and seitan stir fried with baby corn and mange tout – which went down very well, and I had 222 Gardens with lovely plantains, okra, courgette and aubergine alongside some light fluffy falafel – beautiful. In a rare foray into desserts we had pancake with ice cream and chocolate sauce, and an apple crumble with vegan custard – which were pretty good, but broke the camel’s back in terms of being full up – pleasingly that was the only (metaphorical) animal harm involved. A great value neighbourhood restaurant and a boon for veggies. Chef’s Kiss!

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