wicked words

To usher in the weekend, a poem! Written for Halloween week by Sequin Sue. Chef’s Hiss!

A walk to the Pear Tree in late October

The light from a misty autumn moon,

Gives the graveyard an eerie glow.

Skeletal trees cast creepy shadows,

That linger on mossy headstones.

Unforgiving is the chilly air;

Slicing viciously through bare flesh.

Footsteps resonate silent streets,

A siren shrieks by like a banshee.

The creaking church stands solitary,

Like a house of horror, haunted.

Stirring images of souls deceased,

Vivid in the vaporous air.

The old inn is warm, welcoming:

All about flames flicker fiercely.

And a goblet of red to raise the spirits,

Is devoured bloodthirstily within.

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