disco breaths

As party season looms Chef of course needs music. Fortunate then I came across ‘Albuterol’ on a Rough Trade email. Named after an inhaler, and by Johnny Jewel (G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y) and Mike Simonetti, it’s a deep disco mix starting with a plodding beat that leads into the riff of Ace Frehley’s ‘New York Groove’. There’s some thrashing and then moody chords introduce ‘Shakedown Street’ by Grateful Dead, with its creeping bass and harmonies defending the city.

The beat doesn’t stop, and we get hypnotic brooding buzzing, castanets alone in the noise, and then a space age pulsing and screeching that marches us into ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ – complete with thick bass and bleeping echoes passing like shadows cast by motorway lights.

Things turn slo-mo and slicked back with ‘Lady Midnight’ which shimmies its shoulders into an altogether more electronic track replete with held keys, crystalline synths and footsteps whipping wet streets. The bass is insistent, the guitar repeats and then a daze descends that breaks into the high drama finale of ‘Hollywood Seven’ – chasing guitars, perilous strings, rasping horns and a tale of demolished dreams. A magnificent mix. Chef’s Kiss!

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