Five faves – hair products

It’s been a while since I updated this blog so I thought I’d share a list of my favourite hair products that I sent over to a friend recently. I’ve got thick hair so I go in for products that tame as well as style – and crucially wash out easily. The hair tonic is one that my hairdresser at And in Hammersmith introduced me to – it has an amazing orangey scent that’s great for cooling a hot head. Chef’s Kiss!

Organix / OGX coconut serum smells great and helps make hair soft – I use a little everyday.

Neal’s Yard hair treatment has even more coconut oil in it along with other essential oils. It says it’s a conditioner but I use this as a styling product for light hold and shine.

Elnett Diamond Hold, the best hairspray I’ve found for a quiff – there’s something about this one that makes it nicer than the other Elnetts and it doesn’t make your hair feel brittle.

Ed Pinaud Eau de Portugal Hair Tonic – as mentioned above an alcohol based treatment to refresh your scalp.

Aveda Defining Whip – probably the best hair product I’ve used – light hold and not sticky – it’s pricey though.

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