The Collection – G F Smith





The Collection is G F Smith‘s epic, colossal, biblical paper sample book – flawless in its design and finish. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy, so I’ve chosen some of my favourite papers to share here.

GFSmith_The_Collection_Gmund_Action_Pastel_Heart_Attack_2.jpgGmund Action – Pastel Heart Attack

GFSmith_The_Collection_Strathmore_Grandee_MIdnight_BlackStrathmore Grandee – Midnight Black

GFSmith_The_Collection_Colorplan_New_BlueColorplan – New Blue

GFSmith_The_Collection_Lorenzo_ApricotLorenzo – Apricot

GFSmith_The_Collection_Colorplan_Racing_GreenColorplan – Racing Green

GFSmith_The_Collection_Tamashiki_WhiteTakeo Tamashiki Arare – White

GFSmith_The_Collection_Peregrina_classics_Ocean_blue_2Peregrina Classics – Ocean Blue

GFSmith_The_Collection_Takeo-Tassel_GreyTakeo Tassel GA – Grey

GFSmith_The_Collection_Gmund_Bier_Weizen.jpgGmund Bier – Weizen

GFSmith_The_Collection_Woodside_Garden_Pine_2Woodside – Garden Pine


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